Wow. Just Wow. I have been in the financial industry for the last 20+ years and you pieced together what I have felt but never quite had the words for. I had my hand on my heart nearly the entire time I read this article!!! Thank you for this beautiful piece of insight and VOICE.

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Thank you for this. Perfect timing. I really appreciate the connections around dissociation. Helped me put some pieces together as I reconnect to my power after a long (abusive) relationship with a covert narcissist. All they do is lie. Helps immensely.

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<3 yesyesyes, thank you for this

"People lie in order to prevent others from deciding to use their power.

We need to remember that. That person or that institution did not want you to use your power. This lie was designed to keep you doing what they wanted you to do.

It's not your fault. You cannot be responsible for another person's decisions. You don't have to blame yourself for believing lies."

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